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    • Step 1: Orient the phone so the camera is facing upward.

    • Remove all removable parts, including the battery, the SIM card, and the MicroSD.

    • The SIM card and the MicroSD card are located in the top left and right slots just above the battery slot.

    • Step 2: Locate the 8 screws scattered around the edges of the phone.

    • Using your T-7 Torx screwdriver, remove each screw by rotating them counterclockwise. Place them in a safe place.

    • Step 3: Use the blue pry tools to separate the back plastic housing from the front. You may need to use the sharp end of the spudger to get started.

    • TIP: It may be easier to start from an edge or one of the side button locations.

    • WARNING: Be careful when removing the part mentioned in the step. It is connected to the rest of the phone by a gold connector. You must lift up the plastic part just enough so that you can disconnect the connector before completely removing the part.

    • Step 4: After separating the front and back halves, you should notice that there is another plastic part that hold the SIM card slot and the MicroSD slot on the top half of the phone that can be removed. There are small clips that hold it on the rest of the phone located on each corner of the part.

    • Use the blue pry tool to push the clips to the side and then lift it slight up. DO NOT PULL IT ALL THE WAY OFF.

    • You will see that it is connected to the circuit board of the rest of the phone by a gold colored connector. Use the blue pry tool to pry it up, then remove the plastic part completely.

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    • Step 5: Remove the headphone jack part at the top center of the phone. It should already be loose and can be removed easily with your finger or the blue pry tool.

    • Step 6: Look at the bottom right and left edges of the phone. There should be a total of 3 gold connectors (2 on the left, 1 on the right) that are similar to the connector that held the SIM card slot and the MicroSD slot to the rest of the phone.

    • Disconnect these connects by gently prying upward with the blue pry tool.

    • There is 1 more connector at the top of the phone, by the micro USB slot. Again, disconnect this by gently prying upward with the blue pry tool.

    • Step 7: The circuit board should now be loose. Use the blue pry tool and gently pry the circuit board up from the rest of the phone.

    • TIP: It will likely be easier to start from the bottom, and then work your way around the sides of the phone.

    • Step 8: Now all that is left to disassemble is the front part of the phone that holds the display.

    • Take the blue pry tool and gently pry the display from the glass. Start from the bottom - this part is the 3-part button on the bottom of the screen. After prying this part off, gently make your way around the screen and separate it from the glass.

    • WARNING: This is the most delicate step. When handling the parts in this step BE EXTREMELY GENTLE!

    • Step 9: Almost done! The last (and most delicate) part to remove is the touch screen. It should be already slightly loose but BE CAREFUL! If the touch screen bends too much, it will crack.

    • It may be helpful to push the screen off from the back; there should be numerous holes that you can push the screen with using the spudger.

    • Now you're done! You have successfully disassembled a Sony Ericsson Xperia phone.

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