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Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Apple Watch Series 7 te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

    Laatste gedachten
    • Opening the Watch is difficult, but possible with heat and suction.
    • Display and battery replacements are relatively straightforward once the Watch is open.
    • Tiny tri-point screws throughout the Watch can be tricky to remove and keep track of.
    • Several important flex cables are mounted directly to the S7 package, requiring skilled microsoldering to replace if they are torn.
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Taylor Dixon

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Is there going to be a text version of this soon? It’d be a lot more accessible ^.^

Lemma - Antwoord

I don’t think they bother anymore with these. Might as well delete the whole Teardown section.

Kevin Lopez Brante -

Which ECG AFE is used in Apple watch series 7 ?

BMM - Antwoord

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