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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-4, Andersen Winter 2016

We are all hardworking, focused, and devoted to our team ifixit project.



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All of us are very hardworking individuals with very creative ideas that will all bring a piece to the table for our ifixit project.

Mariska Gramlow majoring in Visual Communication and Design at Eastern Washington University. I also studied Communications, I now have a minor in this field.

Janessa Day majoring in Visual Communication Design, with a minor in Communications. Focusing mainly on ticket designs for sports teams and currently interning with the Spokane Shock working with their ticket designs team.

Zachary Gippe Human Resources Major with interests in eventually double majoring with Marketing Management.

Emily Heffernan majoring in Visual Communication Design and a junior here at Eastern, and have been at Eastern all three years.

Connor McElroy visual communication design major and a communications minor and a senior and Eastern Washington University.