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Spring Cleaning my MacBook Pro

muralidharareti -

Mijn probleem

When I first got the laptop it performed like a champ! It ate up any problem or application I could possibly throw at it, even the games that I play ran smoothly. As time goes on, I found the performance started to suffer... gameplay and application speed has drastically been reduced and the overall temperature of my laptop started to rise!

Mijn oplossing

At first I bought a USB powered fan for my laptop to sit on. It was cool and all, but it didn't solve the problem. The fix was simple, but I didn't have the tools for the job. Not being in the USA, I couldn't just take it to the Genius Bar and tell them to fix it.

Using my Pro Tech Toolkit, I was able to easily undo the bottom panel of the laptop and remove all the gunk that was accumulated. I was quite disturbed to find a number of dead wildlife (bugs) that tried to make my laptop into a new home.. the excessive heat must not have worked out for them..

Mijn advies

Use some gloves (to keep your hairy hands out of all the fine nooks and crannies) and try to keep the repair as simple as possible. There is no need to dismantle everything just for a cleaning job. Plus, you don't want to void the warranty :)

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