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iPhone 4S not a submariner

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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

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The iPhone was accidentally dropped into a Hot Tub at a party and quickly retrieved. Unfortunately the screen was messed up but after drying out the device seemed to be functioning so I figured why not iFixIt!

Mijn oplossing

This is not a repair for the faint of heart. The screws are very small and there are a LOT of them in different sizes - thanks Apple - but the iFixit Project Mat helped make sense of it all.

This is not a HARD repair, but it is tedious. I had several magnifying devices in hands reach and did need a tweezers that I reluctantly pulled out of my tool box. It helped a lot and wished I had it out from the start.

It would be nice if the iFixit guide had a reverse button so that rather than walking backwards you could see the steps in an order with text that makes more sense to the installation.

I think this took me about two hours as I did have to take it back apart to plug in the power button cable that did not seat right.

Initially the screen was inverse and I thought I had done something wrong. My son had reversed his screen and a quick tip online said to hit the home button 3 times rapidly to remedy the problem.

All in all iFixedIt!

Mijn advies

The Tools supplied in the kit did the job well but one could wish that they were magnetized as that would help with the tiny tiny screws.

Take vary careful note of where the cables are routed and how they lay in the phone. Especially the cable for the screen before you remove it. That was the difficult one to get right and I was concerned that I messed that up at first.

Take your time - do this in a locked room away from kids, animals, breezes and any other disturbances.

Take a break from time to time - this can't be rushed and sometimes you need to look away to see what you are missing.

Place a towel on your work surface, it helps to keep the screws you will drop from bouncing off the table being lost forever.

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