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Add RAM to an old Mac Mini

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I have a first-generation Intel Mac Mini. It came with 1GB RAM, which is seldom enough to run iTunes and a browser without using swap space. Memory has become enough that this cheapskate decided to max out the system--a staggering 2GB. Did I mention that this an old Mini?

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The work went without incident. After putting everything back together, the computer started without a hitch.

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1. Although not mentioned in the video, there are three short screws and one long screw that hold the frame to the base. I completely skipped over that fact in the accompanying written instructions.

2. If you don't have a magnetized screwdriver (like me), it is a bit of a challenge to screw the frame back onto the base. My solution was to get the scews into position in the frame before putting the frame back onto the base. I dropped the screws into the three recessed holes in the frame, arranging them so that the threads were hanging out of holes. This was easier to do with the frame still free of the base.

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