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I can finally hear you!

clarencemanzano -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement

iPhone 5 Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement

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It's been a month of not hearing anybody through my iPhone 5 earpiece. After a couple days gone by, I finally decided that i should go to the Apple Store and hopefully they'll fix it for me. I went to the Apple Store and waited for about 20mins till someone came to help me. Another 20mins to explain and diagnose my phone. Then i finally get to ask howmuch the cost will be if I repair my phone to them. The worker in Apple Store says "It'll be around $70 just to repair it". I said to myself "%#*@ that is hella expensive". The worker asked me if I wanted to repair it, and I said "No thank you, I will just wait till iPhone 6 comes out". I finally walked out of the store feeling sad and unsatisfied on my phone. I had to think of something positive for me to not repair my phone. I had an idea that I will just use my headset to talk on my phone. I was happy at first but that didn't last long. A week have pasted by and I figure I will just fix my own phone. I searched on Youtube on how to repair an iPhone 5 earpiece. I watched the video and I told to myself "That looks super easy, I can fix it myself". That same day, I ordered my iPhone 5 tools and my earpeice. I spent about $30. I waited for a week to get my order. I was very excited and happy when my order came in. I was at work when my order came in, I said to myself "I can't wait to get home and fix my phone". Once i got home from work, I went straight to get my order and watched the video on youtube and followed the instructions. It looked very easy to repair it by watching the video but when I did the repair on my phone for the first time it was a little complicated. You need to be very careful and patience because the screws are very tiny. I wasn't expecting to be that tiny, lol. I finally finished the repair for about 5-10 mins. Turned my phone on and it worked for a minute then it died out. I was worried and sad that the repair didn't do well. So i had to return the iPhone 5 earpiece because i thought it was defetive. I waited another week to get my new earpiece. Again, I repaired it and it still didn't work. On the receipt, it says "if earpiece still doesn't work properly, it might be your iPhone 5 Font camera and sensor cable that's not working". Then i had to search it up on youtube to watch the video on how to repair a iPhone 5 front camera and sensor cable. After watching the video, I ordered my front camera and sensor cable. I had to wait again for a week. Once I received it, I watched the video and repaired my phone. Turning on my phone saying to myself "Please work please work". Phone turns on, went to my voicemail if i could hear anything and it worked! "Yes!" I made a call to make sure I could hear them and they could hear me. "Yay!! It's finally working". I jumped in the air and yelled "HOORAY!" I was very very happy and excited that everything was working properly. I feel accomplished that i can fix my own iphone 5. I said to myself "I can fix my phone anytime I want!"

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The repair was very fun. Good experience and alot of excitement.

Mijn advies

My advice is to be very patience and neat. The screws are very small and you don't want to loose it. Always follow instructions and be very careful.

iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable afbeelding
iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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