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The Curiosity of My Baby Sister and My Nintendo Wii

srb007 -

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With the small window of time I have had with my Music Degree, I had no way of taking care of the issue with my Nintendo Wii. Sometime last year I had left my Nintendo Wii with my mother and baby sister, who at the time was about 3 yrs. old. I left it in their care so that they could play all the games I had stored on the Wii. To my knowledge, my baby sister decided to shove "leaves" into the disk slot of my Wii. It seems as though she was still in the learning process of shapes and "what-does-not-fit" experimental stage. Since a week ago, I was unable to insert any disk games into my poor Wii.

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With the free time the summer gives us all, I finally looked into the issue. The Nintendo Wii required a specific tri-point screwdriver size and had saw great reviews on ifixit.com about tools that are affordable and dependable. Once the order came in, I found an easy-how-to video on Youtube.com to take the Wii apart to fix the problem. The issue was resolved in 20 minutes with the culprit at hand. Turns out that my sister had inserted a piece of foam into the disk drive where it sat between the disk slot and the disk reader of my Wii. Luckily, the console had a fail safe where nothing bigger than a disk can enter through the main "heart" of the machine. The "Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver" was worth the +/-$10.00's that had saved me about $50-$70's of my money.

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The "Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver" is worth the cost here at ifixit.com. You must be patient when working with delicate tools and you must take the time to understand the proper procedures when it comes to working with a complex machine. Any game console can seem complex but be sure you have a reliable source when fiddling with this kind of situation. This Tri-point Screw driver was very useful and very small so be sure not to chip or strip the pointed tip it was made with. Again, take your time and follow instructions to have a safe and successful operation where you save yourself the money you earn by being efficient with your materials. Thank you ifixit.com for being affordable and reliable.


Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver afbeelding
Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver


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