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Mac mini Model A1283

Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement

Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement

30 minuten - 2 uren


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MY computer got a grey screen one morning and everything suggested would not get it to work. I then decided to use the installation CD and start over. After several times attempting to get it to work, it came back and said the hard drive was damaged. I read earlier, it could be the battery internally not charging. The battery was still charging and after getting the message while trying to use the disc that came with it, I knew I would have to replace the hard drive. I searched the internet and checked to see how easy it would be to do it myself. I felt like it would not be that hard. I found the IFIXIT website. I used the Serial number from the bottom of the MAC. You can barely see it. That gave me the information to look up what year it was made so I could select the correct hard drive replacement.

I bought the hard drive with the took kit because I did not have the tools. I ordered the package and received it in about 2 or 3 days. My 14 year-old son and I sat down and took the screws from the back of the MAC and lifted the cover off and we changed out the hard drive. Unplug and put the new one in. It took longer to re-install the software. We put it back together and it was on. I re-installed the 1st disc and then went to disc utility. You have to format the hard drive as it is unformatted. Once you do that it is simple to follow the instructions. My software is running snow Leapord and I did have to update all the software before being able to get to my google calendar.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures. I didn't thing about it. I can definitely say I have been extremely pleased with this purchase. Don't be afraid to change out this stuff. You can always watch the videos on Youtube. Thanks to all those who post the videos.

The most important thing to do with any repair is to have it on a flat surface. Place the screws for each piece in something that will not get knocked off and cause you to lose them.

If I have any more repairs, I will definitely come back to IFIXIT.

Good luck on your repairs

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As you read in my whole story. The repair went well and was completed in about 15 minutes.

Mijn advies

Before doing work on your computer see if there is a video to help. We took my son's Lenevo apart to clean up some of the parts. It was a little more difficult. We didn't realize we had to push the keyboard out. We then checked the video to get us back on track. The MAC was simple.

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