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Macbook Pro 15" HD Replacement

geryz1 -

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Two reasons:

1. The MacBook was getting slow when launching applications - real slow.

2. SSDs came down in price enough to make them a viable contender.

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Great. The driver kit contained all the drivers I needed and the instructions on your site took me through the replacement without any drama. The SSD was cloned from the Macbook Pro's HD. It was remove one drive and add another.

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I listened to Mac Geek Gab #500 and it sounded like something that could be done without issue and it was. As I said, I followed your impeccable instructions and the change was done without drama. One thing I found is the fans in the laptop were at high speed for the first 5-10 minutes post swap. Long enough that I thought the cable under the drive was affected. For what ever reason, after the 5-10 minutes the fans went to normal speed and everything was great.

The only thing I have not done is activate TRIM. I am still researching that.

Sorry, I don't have pictures. I should have taken some when I was doing the swap but didn't.

Thanks for the excellent tools, wrist strap and instructions.

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Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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