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A lot more difficult than the video

keithwilkins -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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The battery life on my iPhone 5 had become unacceptably short after only 16 months of usage.

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The replacement using the Fixit kit has made a significant improvement in battery performance. The battery provided appears to be brand new, although it would have been more convincing if the battery had been in sealed original packaging (rather than wrapped in a bit of bubble-wrap inside the kit box).

Mijn advies

The Fixit video omits he 2 most difficult operations: dealing with the removed internal screws (these just disappear off-screen in the video) and reassembling the iPhone (the video ends when the old battery is removed). The screws are about the size of a flea. If you drop one of these they are very difficult to find.

I did my entire work on a faily large metal tray as a safety net. I also used 3 small glass bowls for the 3 sets of removed screws - this was an inspired idea as the bowls caught the screws the many times that they fell off the screwdriver and i could hear them even though i could not see them at all well.

The kit should also really include very strong magnifying spectacles and a couple of spare screws. I used my 3x reading glasses, which helped but which were not really strong enough for such tiny parts. Even though i did not lose any screws, I was paranoid the whole time that I would do so and it would have been reassuring to have had spare screws just in case!

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iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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