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Fix broken fan connector

Maxime Hadjinlian -

Mac mini Late 2012

Mac mini Late 2012 Fan Replacement

Mac mini Late 2012 Fan Replacement


Mijn probleem

When I opened my Mac Mini in order to add a new SSD to the existing hard drive, even if I pulled the fan connect with the right movement, one of the blade (it's a pin, but it's shaped as a blade, really thin) of the connectors bended.

While trying to mend it, it broke. After thinking a bit, I removed/broke all the others pins cleanly.

The pad were left on the board, so that I could solder some tiny cable and cut the fan's cable to connect it straight.

While connecting the original fan, I messed up in the pinout, and the fan's burned.

That's why I had to order a new one.

Mijn oplossing

When I received the new fan, I firstly noted carefully the pinout, then simply cut the cable and get on with the soldering of the cable of the fans onto the small cable I had already soldered to the mother board.

Mijn advies

The tricky part is that the MacMini is really really tight, so you have to choose your cables carefully in order to put everything back together.

As I mentioned, I basically created a new cable for the fan. If I had to do it again, I would put a way to dismount it.

At the moment, if I need to disassemble the computer, I need to desolder my cable which is *REALLY* cumbersome. But hey, how often do you open theses things anyway ? :)

Tips: To work in peace, fill the bowl of the cat...

Sorry no picture on this one, I really needed the computer so I did everything as fast as I could.

Intel Mac mini (A1347 Mid 2011-Late 2014) Fan afbeelding
Intel Mac mini (A1347 Mid 2011-Late 2014) Fan


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