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Teenage son Broke his iPhone 4s Display

Gary Klimeck -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

1 - 2 uren


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The iPhone 4S is still a great phone for a teenager or a emergency backup and now with carriers allowing you to bring your own device, there is no excuse to repair your iPhone 4S. The ifixit display kit is well worth it.

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The repair went great the 2nd time around. 1st time around I was a bit too impatient and I tugged too hard a cable on the new display and it snapped off. I ordered another display, received it in a few days and learned from my mistake and I now have an unlocked 16GB iPhone 4s in working condition. My family of doubters didn't think I could do it until I showed them the end results and now everyone is asking if they are going to get it. Fat Chance!

Mijn advies

Purchase the iFixit magnetic mat. This item is worth its weight in gold and it allows you to walk away and come back knowing that your repair project is still in progress. I used the iFixit iPad app and scrolled through the repair step-by-step and wrote down my steps on the matt. What a great way.

Prepare a clean area and if possible drop a white sheet down on the floor beneath the area to catch any possible dropped screws.

Grab a refrigerator magnet and keep it handy, you may need to drag the area to pick up a screw.

Don't repair over a carpet!

Magnetic screw drivers are great, but they wont release the screw into the tiny hole. Have both types, magnetic and non.

A pair of small tweezers help to place the screws back into areas.

Try not to flinch as the screw may fling and then your hooped. Take your time follow the steps exactly forward and reverse and you will be successful.

I am so confident I can do it again, I am looking at kids phones to see if they need repair and trying to get something going on the side.

Finally, the iPhone 4s that i repaired had major glass fragments stuck to the iPhone frame. Take your time and use the tools to carefully loosen the debris and clean it up. Be careful, glass splinters are not your friend.

iPhone 4S Screen afbeelding
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