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Awesomest title ever of iPhone 5 battery swap

cjwers -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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When 100% battery lasts 3 hours, there might be something wrong.

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Followed ifixit's instructions and it was a piece of cake. Like they said, suctioning out the screen was the hardest part (putting the tiny screws back in was a little tedious as well). The magnetic mat that they advertise may be good for the organized person, but for 5 screws, a small magnet kept them all together and I could remember which ones went where. I think I also bent some metal around where the screen connectors are trying to use the plastic thing to pry out the battery, it made putting the screen connector shield back on more difficult than it should have been.

tldr: don't bend metal, use a magnet, screws and suctioning the screen are hardest parts of repair.

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Well, for the next couple days, my phone had about 6 hours of battery power. Now I'm wondering where all my power is draining and how I can reduce it because something still isn't quite right. hmm...

UPDATE: So I was using my iPhone 5 like normal for about a week after the battery swap. Charge it at night and use it during the day, yet it didn't seem to increase my battery life from before the swap. the week after the swap I let the battery run completely dead and it wouldn't turn back on. I swapped the battery back to the original (which still had some life left when I took it out) and nothing.

(It shouldn't be connections to the battery since it worked for the past week and shouldn't be screen connections either, but I rechecked everything anyway.)

I'm usually good at fixing problems better than the average user, but I was only able to make the phone hot while charging, and have it loop on the start-up vibration once. I took it into Apple and they couldn't get it to do anything and advised me to get a new phone. It's dead now though and I don't blame the battery swap one bit.

If anyone has an idea what's going on with my phone, I'd like to fix it. For those in similar situations, Apple will not give you anything for a non-functional phone, AT&T will give you $30 store credit, and Gazelle.com will give you $80. I'm the type that will fiddle around with it a while, but with the Apple geniuses not being able to get it to do anything, it will probably be turned into Gazelle shortly.

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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