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Brian's broken iPad screen

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I dropped the iPad on tile and dented a corner, which shattered the glass. I didn't want to buy a new one yet (and when I do, I want to give this iPad 3 to the kids who still rock the iPad 1), so I did some research and figured I could attempt the new screen repair with minimal risk. (Although I knew there was a chance I would only be left with a box of parts for eBay).

Mijn oplossing

All in all, repair went good. The tip of the pry tool actually snapped on me before I got good separation, but I was able to use the picks pretty effectively.

It was a little trickier prying the corner with the broken glass. Although I taped it up pretty well, the glass still wanted to split more and more as I tried to pry more off.

The digitizer and LCD were then easy to disconnect.

The reassembly was a bit challenging as I had to "reshape" the dented corner so the glass would lie down flat. Lots of patience and dry fitting did the trick.

I was a bit paranoid about getting the LCD and inside of the glass speck free. I have one small mark that I can notice, but I can live with.

The final fit is acceptable, although I feel like there is space between the glass and the LCD that didn't seem to be there in its original state. Doesn't seem to effect touch though.

Mijn advies

Maybe some more tips/tricks on the reassembly side would be helpful to some. I also tested the iPad before I glued back down the glass. Had to hold both buttons for 10 seconds to get the iPad to boot.

iPad 3 Screen Digitizer Assembly afbeelding
iPad 3 Screen Digitizer Assembly


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