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MacBookAir keyboard spill

nyanginator -

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Liquid damage to keyboard, and Apple store said MacBookAir can only be fixed by sending it off to get repaired for flat fee of $750, no matter how small or big a problem. It made no sense to me for a 3-year old laptpo, so I figured I'd try buying the part and tools and doing it myself for $150. So even if I messed up (which apparently I did), I could save the rest of the money towards buying a new laptop.

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Well, the computer still booted up before. Afterwards, not so much. No response, not even charging (I get the dim green light on the charger now). Following the instructions was pretty straightforward, so I can't think of where I went wrong. The iFixit steps were not hard, and I even did it 3 times after discovering it was not working the first time, swapping the old part and new part again. I think the "Difficult" rating should be applied to the handling of the computer components. I don't exactly know where I went wrong, though. Now I have an expensive paperweight.

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I suspect maybe the logic board or I/O board got damaged in the process, although I swear I was pretty careful about it. I can't think of what else to do. It's hard to tell, and I don't have the facilities to test, which parts need fixing. I tried the key combinations for resetting PRAM and SMC, disconnecting and reconnecting battery, etc., but I'm not even sure the keyboard is responding. I should've just opted for a repair service that was cheaper than Apple, but then again, it was a 3-year old laptop and I figured the money would be better spent if saved towards a new computer.

I recently replaced a keyboard on my old T61p PC laptop, and that took less than a quarter of the time and at only 5% of the cost. I feel bad that I destroyed the Apple, especially since it was a hand-me-down and I didn't buy it. Through this experience, I doubt I'm buying Apple for my next computer though.

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P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver Retina MacBook Pro and Air


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