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Addin SSD to Mac Mini 2011

pwbr00ks -

Mijn probleem

Mac mini was kind of slow and I had a 256 gb Crucial M4 SSD taken from a Windows PC. I decided to reformat and add the Crucial SSD to the Mac.

Mijn oplossing

After using the Fixit kit for Dual drives for Mac Mini and the magnetic pad to keep the screws from getting lost and using your step by step instructions for adding an SSD drive to a Mac Mini, everything went well. I had a few glitches because I have extra large hands and working on something that small was challenging. It took me around a half hour to actually install the SSD and put the Mac Mini back together. The Mac Mini runs almost as fast as my 8 core Windows PC now.

Mijn advies

I formatted the SSD using a USB adapter before I did the install. That way it recognized it right away as a Mac drive. I didn't clone the SSD using the Mac disk utility. I used a free version of Carbon Copy Cloner. It worked like a charm. I'd recommend it. As far as your step by step instructions, I found them to be right on the money. With the help of the Ifixit magnetic organizer pad and the dual drive Mac Mini kit, it made things really easy. It just takes a little guts to get going. Thanks.

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