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iMac woes

cptgreedle -

Mijn probleem

So one day our iMac (2007) decided it just didn't want to respond to us anymore. The backup didn't work, the music files were all missing, and it was very slow. We took it into the Apple store to have them look at it, and low and behold, the hard drive had suffered physical irreparable crash an needed to be replaced. The options were to send it off somewhere where they would have charges us $100 just to look at it plus $50 an hour and replacement parts... Or if it myself. I build PCs for fun, so I decided to try to fix it, the I was directed to iFixit where I saw all the tutorials if ever need.

Mijn oplossing

After we got the parts in, my wife and I started working at it. Of course it was a lot for difficult than I had hoped, but her small hands came is handy (pun intended). I almost put things back together wrong several times, but each time managed to fix the problem. It was hard, but it worked!

Mijn advies

Honestly there Gould be instructions to put things back together. Just going in reverse misses things that are important, like te microphone wire and the chassis assembly.

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