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iPad + OJ -- Oh No!

drjbs -

Mijn probleem

In late January I was happily enjoying an OJ slushy, reading my iPad, when the bottom of the my favorite old plastic cup gave way -- dumping OJ and ice all over my iPad! I quickly wiped it off, seemingly no harm done -- the liquid sensors were not triggered -- phew -- and the thing still worked! But later that day, the audio speaker stopped. I could still get audio via bluetooth, and the alarm worked, but no other sounds thru the speaker. Drag.

Mijn oplossing

After a reboot did no good, I ordered a ThirstyBag, and while waiting its arrival put the iPad in a ziplock bag with a few small dessicant packages left over from shipping containers. When the ThirstyBag desiccant arrived, I put it in there too, sealed it up, and waited. And waited. And waited. About once a week, I would turn the iPad on, and see if it clicked when the password was entered. No joy. Then, after about a month, it started to click with the password -- but only the 1st two characters! And still no audio. But over another 3 weeks in the bag, the other 2 characters clicked. And then, sporadically, the speaker began to work. Now, 8 weeks later after the OJ bath, the iPad consistently plays audio thru its speaker.

Mijn advies

Be patient. The tincture of time (in the bag) seemed to be the key.

And beware of old plastic cups! (mine was from Stephen & Martin's oyster bar in NOLA, which closed 15 years ago!)

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