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aprilm1317 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

So a while back, I cracked my iPhone 5 screen. So I entrusted my dad with buying a new digitizer and home button (cause that wasn't functioning properly either). His fix went well. Screen was good, but the home button was some crappy knock-off from eBay or something and I had to press extra extra extra hard for it to actually work.

Over time, my rear camera wouldn't focus properly and had gotten scratches on it (probably from dropping it numerous times prior to receiving my case). But that didn't bug me much. I could make it work by hitting it a couple times. But more recently, my battery has been going insane. It would go from 80% to 30% in a few minutes, then it would die at 35% but I could still turn it back on and it would say 40%. That's what really drove me to get everything fixed.

So I went ahead and bought the rear camera, battery, home button, plus the necessary tools and just decided to do it myself this time around. No more "dad" to do it this time.

Mijn oplossing

Opening up the phone with the suction cup was pretty hard, but once you got those clips off, it wasn't such a big deal. Everything was pretty smooth sailing until I had to remove one of the front panel cable assembly brackets. I kinda lost one of the screws. Oops. No big deal though. I just used the two remaining out of the 3 to put it back on.

The battery was a serious pain the butt to remove. I practically bent that thing in half trying to pry it off the phone. I also kind of punctured it a couple times trying to use the opening tool. Thank god I was getting rid of it anyways.

After removing the logic board from the phone, it wasn't difficult to remove the camera and reattach the new one. But what sucked was trying to put it back and getting that flash twisted in the right way and getting it to stay. After wrestling it for a while, I finally held it in place long enough to screw back in one of the panels holding it in place.

Putting everything back together isn't nearly as difficult as taking it apart. So with the new battery and camera in place, all I had left to do was the home button. Of course this was a piece of cake. Removing the old one and sticking on the new one took like 2 minutes and bam! All done. Of course, it couldn't be that easy. It was a little crooked at first. So I had to go back in and fix it to where it was perfectly straight. OCD.

I had literally just got off an 9 hour shift at work and it was close to 1am when I did this fix. I was half awake and running on McDonald's sweet tea to drive me to finish it. But I was going on a trip to Dallas in the morning and I couldn't stand not fixing it now. Luckily though, it only took me and hour and a half. And it was so so SO satisfying in the end. Not bad for a first try.

Mijn advies

Patience. Take your time. Getting the battery out is what took the most time. It's attached by LOTS of adhesive glue, so don't be afraid to go at it but it might just be better to get a replacement battery anyway (incase you mess up the original...like I did.)

Figure out a way to separate and keep track of all the screws beforehand. It wasn't till halfway through my fix that I finally found a sufficient way to label and keep my screws on hand. F

inally, trust yourself. It can be scary to go into it with the thought of messing up, but just go for it. Don't let fear hold you back. Just find a balance between finesse and boldness and you should be good to go.

And this is coming from an 18 year old girl, with no prior experience to anything. Ever. I'm sure you got this.

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