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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Assembly Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Assembly Replacement

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Mijn probleem

I was one of the unlucky people whose amoled display cracked underneath the glass for literally no apparent reason. The phone was working fine one night, and sat on my bedside table to charge overnight. By morning it had cracked and half the screen was black/flickering. The phone had not fallen off the table - my glasses were still sitting on the phone when I got up. The display broke completely a few days later and even the area that had still been able to be bright was splotchy, so the phone was totally unusable by that point. I know others have had this problem and would be happy to join a class action against Samsung. They should be willing to stand behind their products and either fix their faulty ones or provide more affordable parts for them instead of requiring you to shell out 1/3 the price of a NEW phone to fix the problem they created, because they think you "damaged" the phone (how?? It was just sitting there!)

Mijn oplossing

This phone is actually pretty easy to take apart, if you use due care and attention. I barely needed the spudger at all; my plastic opening tool and screwdriver took care of nearly everything. A blow dryer is a must for softening the glue a little on the vibrator and USB board, but you don't need to go crazy with it, you should still be able to hold the phone easily when it's warmed up. I even was able to remove the glass from the front in a single piece (plasticized business cards work great if you don't have guitar picks, and are very gentle on delicate parts).

Mijn advies

THIS IS THE RIGHT REPLACEMENT PIECE for a broken display or digitizer on a GS4, so look no further, this is the one you want. This display was the second one I'd bought to fix this problem, I got my first display off Ebay from a seller that claimed the part was certified genuine from Samsung in the listing (this is why I took the trouble to remove the glass from the front housing when I took it apart, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. I thought I'd have to reuse the front housing and button sensors for the repair.) What the Ebay seller sent me was an IVORY (not white) knockoff with a "made in China" sticker over the glass' logo, as if they were ashamed of it. The dot pattern printed on it was notably different from the visually textured "fish scale" pattern a genuine "frost white" display has underneath the surface of the glass. There was also no Samsung logo anywhere on the back/circuit area (it was just a display/lcd, digitizer and glass with no housing) as there should have been. Samsung doesn't even make an ivory GS4! I was so angry - back to the seller it went! So don't waste your time/shipping money, spend a little extra and get the RIGHT part the first time (as well as one that's easier to install as it doesn't require you to clean ALL the adhesive residues from the front housing, nor the tiny, fiddly little adhesive strips to be added around the front housing to properly seal it). It's worth it. If you need a new display, this is your part, end of story. The display quality is perfect and the touch sensitivity is even better than my original!

Sorry, no photos as my phone is my camera and it can't take pics of itself when it's in pieces.

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