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Go Pro Hero 3 - Rescued !

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Mijn probleem

The usb connector on the camera came loose from the circuit board making it difficult to charge the battery. I had to keep wiggling the connector to find a position to where it would make connection.

I found the teardown on the camera and although everything is tiny, it really looked simple to take apart.

Mijn oplossing

After reviewing the Go Pro Hero 3 tear down, I quickly realized I needed a good tool kit. I received the Pro Tool Kit and to my surprise, it is one of the best toolkits I have purchased in 30 years.

I expected the worst. I assumed this expensive camera would cost a mint to have repaired if possible and probably end up in the trash.

The teardown instructions were very good and made repairing the camera simple. I re-soldered the USB connector and put a drop of super glue to tack the connector and to help with future cable strain.

Mijn advies

As electronics keep getting smaller, it can be intimidating at the thought of repairing it yourself.

Turn the intimidation into education.

Even if your not able to make the repair or perform an upgrade, these is a lot that can be learned from making the effort.

My Advise: Get the iFixIt Pro Tool kit. If you need a tool to open a device and it's not already in there, I would be surprised. Best toolkit IMO !

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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