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iPhone 4 went "swimmin' with the fishes," thanks to my 4-year-old turd of a son!

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minuten


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My 4-year-old son, who can be an @%^$$@$ at times, took my cell into the bathtub with him. I have a Lifeproof case, but clearly it was faulty and water got all inside my phone! I put the phone in the dryer 20 minutes at a time and although it dried out the phone totally, it also fried the battery!

I ordered a battery from your website, saw the instructions on how to remove the back casing and how to release the old battery, and waited for my new battery from you guys.

Mijn oplossing

Got the battery within the time frame given. I popped it in my phone, turned it on, and viola...it worked perfectly! Oh, and I was also impressed with the tools - you get a lot for your money and I will definitely use iFixit for all my electronic needs! Also, I got 5 bucks off my order with an online coupon!! Thank you!!

Mijn advies

If your iPhone takes a swim like mine (and mine was in there a while before the hubby realized the little $@$* had it in the water), remove the back, then remove the battery, and then place your phone in a sock, hang the sock on the outside of the dryer door with the phone on the inside of the dryer, close the dryer to hold the sock in place, and use your "touchup" setting for about two hours (or more if needed). Note: I used the 20-minute "touchup" setting of my dryer. I checked every 20 minutes to make sure the phone was not getting too hot. I did this for about two hours. I do not know how hot other dryers get so this is based on my own experience. If you fry your phone, then you should have checked it more often to ensure it wasn't getting too hot. Not my fault if you're an idiot...common sense is all it takes to do this ;)

Also, if the phone is still acting funny or doesn't turn on at all, order a new battery! I'm willing to bet the farm it will work!

iPhone 4 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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