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replacing iPhone 5 Battery made easy thanks to iFixIt

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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When I first got my iPhone, I was using it mostly for phone calls only and maybe some researching in the app store. But after about 8-10 months I encountered a game in the app store, that really got me into it. I was playing every day for about 4 months. I really got addicted to it. Playing that game every day used a lot of battery - of course. In some days I had to charge my phone 4 times a day.

When I finally managed to get out myself of the game, I realized my battery wouldn't even last for a whole day anymore, due to my intensive playing behaviour in the past 4 months. So I decided to lookup solutions for my battery problem and finally got to iFixIt :)

Thanks to my curiosity back in my childhood almost every malfunction in our Houshold aids was found and in almost every occasion repaired in no time. My patients at these days were vacuum cleaners, televisions, playstations, toasters, mobile phones and many more...

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Replacing the battery was as easy as seen on the tutorial video here on iFixIt.

The two difficult parts of the repair were lifting the display from the body of the iPhone and losening the battery which was attached with a good portion of adhesive to the body of the iPhone.

But once the old battery is losened, the replacement is a breeze.

The whole job took me about 10 minutes.

With the new battery inside I can use my iPhone for 2 days again wihtout recharging it :)

Mijn advies

You really need more force than you think to lift the display from the body. It helped me to do the following:

When I placed the suction cup on the display, I placed it very close to the home button. After I started lifting it, I moved the suction cup a little forward and backward while pulling it up. Hence I realised the display would come out easier than just pulling it straight up.

With the tutorials here on iFixIt, anyone can repair his iPhone. There is no need for special mechanic or electronic knowledge. Just do it and see for yourself :)

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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