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Fixed old Cell phone V710 Motorola

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Fixed old Cell phone V710 Motorola. I dropped my old V710 and cracked the flip part and had been keeping this thing alive with crazy glue etc. This last phone mishap caused me to lose my flip screen.. :-( I could not see any txt msg's or my contacts or old msg's etc.. :-( I still LOVE this old Flip Phone so I found a nice newer one on e-bay and I purchased it. I needed some good quality tools that could also take apart a mac or a Xbox or a Motorola Phone etc. I had seen a you tube video showing how to take apart my phone and the person was using a spudger tool so I did a search on Google & saw the IFIXIT tools. I purchased the tools and was success in taking apart the newer V710 and then took my phone apart and moved the main board over to the other phone and it all powered up successfully. I now have my phone back and in allot better shape. Thanks IFIXIT.. IFIXED it with IFIXIT.. :-)

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If you need to take apart a phone, eye glasses, a mac lap or XBOX IFIXIT tools are the way to go. Very durable quality tools. I ended up buying two different sets to take advantage of the different sets of IFIXIT Tool packages.. :-) I am very happy with my IFIXIT tools and would highly recommend them to anyone.. :-)

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