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Easy, except for removing the screen!

davidjmagallanes -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

My battery was really starting to fail. It would die incredibly quickly. Sometimes going from 60% to 17% within 5 minutes. Sometimes the phone would randomly shut down at 20%-35% because it thought it didn't have a charge. It as quite annoying, and always left me worried that I would be stuck without charge!

Mijn oplossing

The repair itself went fairly easy, except for removing the screen. The longest part of the repair was just trying to remove the screen, which took about 30 minutes. It was at no fault to the repair instructions or repair kit. I think after long use the dirt and grime had acted as a type of glue making it stick more. Also, the phone had been dropped before, and while there was no visible change to the shape of the casing, with how tightly all the components are assembled together it just made it incredibly difficult to remove. When removing the screen you should be able to lift up the bottom part of the screen just enough to get the pry tool under it to slowly remove the rest of the clips. For me when the screen finally decided to budge even a little I ended up popping off the whole screen at once. Luckily nothing was broken, or that I didn't pull the screen too far and rip the connection cables!

Mijn advies

The new battery works great, and once the screen was off the repair was simple, straightforward and easy. My advice is if you have a stuck screen like I did to just work at it patiently and slowly pulling in different directions to loosen the screen. And to be careful not to pull it too far in case it all pops off at once like mine and you almost rip the cables. Also, the screws inside the device are INCREDIBLY SMALL! I kept thinking I was going to lose one, and if one of those made it into the carpet I think it would never be found! I managed without a magnetic mat, but if you have one I highly recommend using one. Make sure to keep track of what screws are which. It can be somewhat difficult to tell the difference between a 1.2mm screw and a 1.6mm. Other than that just be patient, read the instructions carefully, and it will all go just fine.

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