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HP Touchpad Battery Replacement

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My HP TouchPad was Dead. It would not charge anymore. I had converted it to Android so now it is a very nice Android tablet.

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It was a very tedious and detailed process. The touchpad was not designed to be taken apart so without the guide and toolkit from Ifixit, I would not have been able to do the repair. It took me a little over 2 hours to take it apart, replace the battery and put it back together. The guide was very good but I had a little trouble in the beginning trying to understand the orientation for the starting point to remove the back from the touchpad. If I had read through the guide fully before I started, I would have not struggled.

Mijn advies

Use the guide, read it thoroughly before you attempt to take the pad apart. Make sure you have right tools, the kit from Ifixit is very good. The guide mentions in the beginning , the plastic clips that hold the bezel to the case. I broke a couple of these in my process, be careful with this step. I could not find replacement clips available on the Internet. You can put it back together without all the clips and it is fine but it would be nice if there was a supply somewhere to get replacements.

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