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The case of the 13" MacBook Pro Battery expanding

michaelyarabinee -

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The battery on a friends 13" MacBook Pro was expanding to the point where her trackpad was popping out of the computer and her screen wouldn't close.

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How did my repair go you ask? It depends who you ask.. The satisfied friend of mine whose MacBook Pro is finally fixed, or the one lonely stripped screw that refused to come out of the bottom case.... without a fight that is. Let's set the scene: So there we were, my friends macbook sitting upside down on a bistro table, the Ifixit guide open on my iPad Air and my friend closely watching my every move, when a bead of sweat began running down the side of my face. I was nervous and anxious as to how I will extract this final screw that was keeping me from the repair at hand. With Every microscopic twist I was able to make the screw move, the battery just expanded to fill the open space. It was stressful, when finally the brilliant idea hit me... Like... Like a coconut falling from a palm tree... Yeah.. Let's go with that! Anyway, I'm sitting there, and I start playing with the bottom aluminum cover, dangling there by one screw.. Taunting me... When finally I had enough, I took the bottom casing and ripped it off of the screw! The crowd was cheering, the battery was expanding, and a beam of sun just reached through the window, and began to shine on the MacBook! A miracle! Well.. The battery expanding part was true at least.. Anyway, this repair ended just like any other fairy tale, happily ever after! ..... until the sequel!..... *Insert Dramatic Music Here*

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I would greatly recommend trying not to strip any screws in this process, as it will take forever to extract them... Other then that! I am very satisfied with ifixit's repair guide!

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