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18 month old iPhone 5 not holding charge

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Wife's 18 month old iPhone 5 not holding charge, would get to about 30% then shutdown. She is a power user & constantly recharging her phone so I assumed the battery was going bad. Seen advertisements for battery replacement ranging from $80-$120 & after watching the ifixit.com video- it seemed relatively easy to just do it myself & save the cash.

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I purchased the ifixit.com battery kit & then followed the video instructions. The video was a great help & dead on. The hardest part was getting the front panel out of it's seating, it is held in very well. The suction cup did the trick though, just took several tries & it finally released. The screws are very, very small-not 47 years old eye friendly, lighted magnifying glass & curved tweezers is very helpful as well as the mag mat(which I didn't buy but will if the family starts wanting me to change out iPhone batteries). The rest of the replacement was a piece of cake. iPhone is up & running, holding a charge all day long.

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The suction cup is almost too large, if it was a bit smaller you could place it closer to the corner of the screen & pop the screen out easier, it is so large that the pull you get when it finally releases is strong & you almost pull the screen too far out stressing the connector cables, it wasn't really a big deal but be careful. When putting iPhone back together, I recommend starting at the top & carefully work your way around, I started at the bottom & it didn't close right at the top so had to pull the phone apart & start again.

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iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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