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bringing life to an old iphone 3gs

maurice -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement

20 - 30 minuten


Mijn probleem

i was given an iphone by my oldest daughter,after she had upgraded.the battery life when i received it was about 3 hours max,i thought i could at least dock it as another ipod.then i went online and watched an ifixit you tube clip on battery replacement and thought, i can do this!went over a few threads to get different perspectives to make it easier for myself

Mijn oplossing

i'm far from being a tech amateur let alone an expert,but just following the step by step tutorial,as well as using ideas other people put online, i have a perfectly good iphone 3gs.all for the price of a repair kit.i really surprised myself with the result

Mijn advies

make a rough diagram of the layout of the screws,as they are different lengths,using a flat fridge magnet to hold the screws(on a solid table) patient,i decided to fix it way late at night -bad move when you are tired.can be done roughly 1/2 hour but recommend taking your time with it.for me the most difficult part was removing the battery due to the double sided tape,it put up a bit of a fight

iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery


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