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Beer killed my Mac

pjellis -

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I have had a mac book pro 17" for 3 years, I have had many beers, much food over it, and it's never missed a beat. Alas about 4 weeks ago, that one beer too many fell and no life was seen. I went through the stages of grief, and eventually found acceptance so then took it to a mac repair specialist. Two days later they said it was dead, and either $2800 to replace the logic board or buy a new mac air for $2480. So I again went through the several stages of grief. Then one morning I woke, determined to see if I can fix it myself...after all what could I lose. I found the ifixit web site, purchased the pro tool kit and the universal drive adaptor. Four days after ordering it arrived in Australia. That weekend I started to pull the mac apart. I first removed the hard drive and connected it up to another mac with the drive adaptor. SUCCESS...the drive still worked, I then cleaned the computer, pulled the logic board out, put it back together and...it started sort of...but the keyboard now appears to be doing strange things....press an L and you get an A. And now stopped working. Again back on the web, and it appears the keyboard might be the problem...so a replacement has been ordered, so waiting on the keyboard now to do a full replacement..I'll let all know. I am now disappointed in the mac service people, I don't think they even looked deeply into the issue, they did not even clean it. Macs are simply too good to throw away, as a responsible owner I want to try all I can do to fix rather than throw out...stay tuned. PS - extremely happy with the service and products from ifixit....

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