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Coffee vs MacBook Air -- FIGHT!

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Who loves coffee? YES!

Who loves coffee while working on your lappy? YES!

Who loves coffee that spills--nay, drenches--your brand new 2013 MacBook Air that you just got for Christmas? ...


I knocked over the ENTIRE cup of coffee--laden with creamer, almond milk, and agave nectar--and it soaked my Air. Like, it was dripping wet. I was shaking the thing in hopes of getting every little last drop out.

Not successful.

I frantically tried finding a Pentalobe P5 Screwdriver at Radio Shack, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Tiger Direct, and Best Buy. No luck.

I took it to the Apple Store and when they opened it up, they said it was going to cost $795 to repair it. Hahaha.... NO thank you...

So I ordered the P5 Screwdriver from iFixit instead. It got to my house the day after it was shipped out. Hooray!

Mijn oplossing

After getting the screwdriver, I removed the back cover off my Air, and gazed upon the caffeine-logged hardware. Using Rubbing Alcohol, a few Q-Tips, an old toothbrush, and lots of luck, I carefully removed all visible coffee stains. After letting it dry, light scrubbing with alcohol, and dry again, I flipped my Air over... counted to 1, 2, 3... and hit the power button.

IT WORKED! OMG it actually turned on! And all the programs and windows popped back up (with 70% battery life left), as if nothing had ever happened to it.

Mijn advies

I'm not sure if all liquid-damaged electronics are this easy to fix. I spent less than $10 on this screwdriver when Apple wanted to charge $795.

It just goes to show that if you have enough bravery AND the right tools, you CAN do anything!

Highly recommend!!!

P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver Retina MacBook Pro and Air afbeelding
P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver Retina MacBook Pro and Air


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