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iPhone 4 16GB GSM: Corrupt boot files nightmare

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

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Sunny Saturday morning, I wake up to the gentle touch of the sun caressing me through the window and lo and behold...

I find my crushed iPhone under me. I had slept while listening to a YouTube video. No visible dmg so far. I try to turn it on. Home button, lock/wake button, restore and dfu modes but no dice, this phone is dead I tell you! Thinking that my situation is hopeless, I say hey, Canada's weather is harsh, maybe it's just the battery. And guess what! It worked when I plugged it into the computer through usb. iTunes automatically recognized the phone in dfu mode and forced me wipe and to reset to factory settings. Unfortuneately, for anybody else out there stuck in the same situation as me, there is no way to recover your files in dfu or recovery modes unless you do some serious hardcore OS breach and ssh into the phone by loading a ramdisk.

Mijn oplossing

Super easy, iFixit instruction are perfect and super crystal clear on what to avoid and what to by wary of. I should add however that pressing the power button with no battery plugged in probably helped me discharge the iphone and maybe that's what resuscitated it.

Mijn advies


1. discharge might help.

2. corrupted boot files/sector = "nearly" impossible data recovery even in DFU and recovery modes.

3. ALWAYS ground yourself.

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