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iPhone got back

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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

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We have all experienced an iPhone case that cramps our look, and mine was no exception. Also it was broken and so I removed it and ordered a new one that is much classier and way neat. In the days between the old case coming off and the new case arriving in the mail, I dropped my iPhone an approximate 7,234,123 times. In each instance I watched it plummet - my amygdala responding with screaming alarms - only to retrieve my phone from the ground unscathed.

Until one day, when I was listening on my massive headphones, collecting my mail, and holding the door open. Unbeknownst to me, my headphones' cord had wrapped itself around the doorknob. As the heavy door swung shut, my phone rocketed out of my pocket, hitting the door first before crashing to the concrete floor.

Remarkably the only thing that broke was the back plate, but man it was shattered. There were slivers of glass everywhere, and my boyfriend was sure I was going to *absolutely* tear up my hands as I played tiny thief and texted people totes important Gawker links. A piece of packing tape acted as a bandaid until the new case arrived.

Now it is Christmas, and cookie baking season. I am home for the holidays and sister is zealously over-spraying cookie sheets with cooking spray to prepare for the traditional sweet-treats. Alas, my phone is caught in the cross-spray and soaked, grease seaping into my shattered phone. The LCD breaks, and it is a mess.

Luckily my tech-minded brother knew about ifixit and replacecd my front panel and lcd from ifixit.com also. it was fantastic. I then ordered a back plate and did that installation myself (3 steps vs 14...) It was great! My phone so fancy now!

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My phone is blacker than black and totally badass. The repair was easy and quick, and my phone is no longer a weapon of self-mutilation. Hooray!

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Definitely worth the effort, get this kit if you have a busted back plate. My phone is slicker without the apple logo ( i don't care for logos on my products) and now nothing can get inside my phone. I'm very happy with the whole package.

iPhone 4S Blank Rear Glass Panel afbeelding
iPhone 4S Blank Rear Glass Panel


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