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A great gift as I repaired many devices such as Lenovo laptop, kindle and phones

josephkatts -

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This is the second tool pack I bought as a gift for my brother. I have used my own kit to fix Lenovo laptops, iphones, and Motorola android phones. I fixed the Lenovo laptop because the power jack somehow lost it's screw and I had to take apart LITERALLY the whole thing because thats how they built it. I have fixed screens of various phones such as the iphone and android devices (also kindles!).

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My repairs have went well! I fixed the Lenovo laptop though it took awhile as I had to COMPLETELY dissemble the laptop to access this part. I screwed the screw that magically got loose and put it all back together. Oddly, I had 4 extra screws at the end, doh ;), it works 100% now though. I have fixed multiple phones though one iphone did unfortunately break. Usually screen repairs, I fixed a kindle also that was smooth and clean operation!

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BE CAREFUL WITH SCREWS! Never but too much pressure on screws, stripping a screw is a repairman's worst nightmare as sometimes its completely fubar-ed that no technique online can save it to get it out. Also, when taking apart COMPLEX devices, take high resolution images of the parts you take apart! Its a life saver when you end up withe 30 screws that you dont know where to put! Especially laptops! I always take images of the main underneath area, motherboard and all, then when I take apart other layers, take another picture! Peace and happy repairs!

Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits afbeelding
Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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