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Broken Screen repair on an iPad2

jeffsware -


iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

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I dropped my Ipad and shattered the glass

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getting the old screen off was not easy.

The first guide I saw on your website recommended the iOpener as the way to get the cover off. It worked, but I have a heat gun and it turned out to be far more effective.

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I really like fixing things so I got over excited and wrecked the wifi antenna and the PMV cable.

Some big warnings at the beginning for people like me would be nice.


tools required (bare minimum) and best option (for example the heat gun and that really slick opener on your website)


Before you start in big bold letters 'these are the other parts that can break if you're not careful. I know you have that information on your site but it didn't seem to register very well for me.

There are also some things in re-assembly that are not simply the reverse of disassembly.

I had some nicks in the plastic bezel after I opened the ipad up. those, the adhesive residue and some very small glass bits made the first attempt to re-install the cover a bit of an ordeal.

I used the square edge of a sharp chisel to clean out the gutter in the bezel and remove the excessive adhesive residue. that made it go back together nicely.

I also pre heated the adhesive with a heat gun so that it was nice and sticky when I pressed it back together. and I stacked the Ipad on the bubble wrap from replacement front panel with a few old textbooks to let the adhesive set. before I did that, the home button wasn't working reliably because the front cover was not completely seated.

I had a fair bit of trouble with the #00 Philips screwdriver that you provided. I don't have super steady hands but I found it didn't grip the screws very well. I happened to have a Wiha set with a #00 Philips in it and it worked beautifully.

The magnetic mat is brilliant. I am going to order a few of the pro ones when you get them back in stock.

all told it was a great learning experience and I'm not afraid to tackle any other repair on your site. I'll just make sure I'm a bit more careful next time.

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