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SSD upgrade

leaftereptile1 -

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The original 320GB HD that came with my early 2011 13in MacBook Pro was failing so I needed to swap out for a new drive. While living with the ever-present fear that my school computer would bite the dust, the overall performance of the device was also not to my liking. In the recent weeks prior to this upgrade, my MacBooks computing performance could have been matched by a brick. Due to this severe lack of performance, I decided to go with an SSD in the attempt to give new life to my MacBook.

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The process went extremely smoothly, no difficulties, and the repair guide was more than thorough. The whole repair took about 10min and after my time machine backup was complete, my computer's performance was much better than I ever expected.

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This upgrade is a very simple way of drastically improving the performance of your aging computer. There was no lack of instruction I found in the repair guide and was very easy to follow. My experience with Ifixit has been a memorable one and I have recommended them more than I can count in the few days after I had received my order. The only thing that I have to say is that in the order contents for the SSD upgrade was the SSD, toolkit, spudger, and external HD enclosure. I however did not receive the spudger with my order. This however was not an issue because the process was not any more difficult without it, i only say this because it said it was included. This in no way, to me, warrants a negative strike against Ifixit due to the speed at which my order arrived, the thoroughness of the guide, the premise behind Ifixit, and my overall experience with my dealings with them. I highly recommend them to anyone who requires any electronic part for repair or upgrade and you will not regret your purchase.

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