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Ipad 4th gen Screen Replacement

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The glass had shattered extensively and it was cheaper to buy a full toolkit and the digitizer assembly instead of paying someone else to do it.

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It went horribly at first. The directions for replacing a screen assembly begin with the assumption that your screen is all in one piece. Mine was not. It took two days of heating and reheating, prying tiny shards of glass off of the strongest glue known to mankind with tweezers. It was a nightmare. Then, even after cleaning both the digitizer and the display multiple times there was still a few bubbles under the glass once assembled. Some tips on how to prevent/fix that would have been a huge help.

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1) When it says to heat the edge of the ipad it means heat it MOLTEN HOT. If your screen is shattered don't bother heating the entire side, just heat up one or two inches at a time.

2) The instructions don't really mention the reassembly process. You need to clean the display and the back of the glass perfectly or you'll be stuck with tiny spots. And when I say stuck I mean it - once you glue down the glass it is not coming off.

3) Pay super special attention to how the home button cable is routed and folded in the lower left of the ipad before disconnecting it. Then look at it again. It attaches in an odd sort of way and is tough to recreate if you haven't paid special attention to it in the first place.

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