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Repair of an iPhone 5

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iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 Audio Control and Power Button Cable Replacement

45 minuten - 3 uren


Mijn probleem

The lock button of the iPhone did not work well; it had to be replaced. The battery was very weak, we changed it as well.

Mijn oplossing

The full repair took almost 6 hours, and was successful.

Tearing the iPhone apart went well by following simply the steps from the guide. The long part was after the last step of the guide. There's two metal pieces glued on the audio control cable. iFixit did not send them with the replacement cable we ordered. We had to use the ones from the original cable. Ungluing the metal part for the volume button was easy with a hairdryer. But ungluing the other was very very difficult.

The metal piece is small, and has a small piece of foam on it. It was very difficult to remove from the original audio control cable (the glue is strong here). And when removing the piece with the hairdryer, the foam unglued itself from the metal piece. It had to be replaced with polystyrene and double sided tape. This replacement took hours.

Rebuilding the iPhone went smoothly by following the steps from the guide in reverse order.

Mijn advies

DO order the replacement audio control cable WITH the metal pieces. It's a lot of trouble to retrieve the ones from the previous audio control cable.

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