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The tale of the dropped 4S

geoffkieley -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Earpiece Speaker Replacement

iPhone 4S Earpiece Speaker Replacement

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Fumbling it out of my pocket, I lost my grip on faithful 4S - my first phone since the 'peanut' era. In my confused and shocked attempts to catch it (this is all happening in slow motion, dear reader), I discovered too late that it was not to be. I made contact, and it was sweet, for a moment.

Before I knew it, 4S was on the cold, hard sidewalk - having been launched at it all the harder by my confused and shocked attempts to save it.

Though I was unaware at the time, this was the last straw for my earpiece speaker. It would henceforth only talk to me in a tiny and barely audible voice. I'm ashamed to say that I was repulsed by the behavior of 4S. Though I had caused it, I could not reconcile my differences with 4S. I... had to end it. 5C was a gold digger and I knew it, but 5C was new and exciting... I realized too late that I'd been a fool.

So I'm stuck with a 5C that I hate (because I had to spend money on it, a general fear of mine), but my girlfriend's 4 (no 'S', eegad!) was now a sore (slow(iOS7)) subject with her so I thought I'd try to make it up to 4S by giving 4S a new life partner. For Christmas.

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Smooth sailing. It was much, much easier than I'd anticipated. Even after having read through the DIY several times (I saw itsy bitsy electronics and feared they might not survive my tutelage).

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Not really. It was exactly like the DIY said. I ordered an extra set of plastic opening tools as per previous commenters' recommendation, I only used the smaller of the two types and yes I did need a second one because the forward facing camera retainer is a sharp and surprisingly stubborn piece of work.

iPhone 4S Earpiece Speaker afbeelding
iPhone 4S Earpiece Speaker


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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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