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Shattered iPad Screen = Much Swearing While Fixing

douglasdrover -

Mijn probleem

I bought a new case for my iPad 4th Gen that had corner clips instead of wrap-around protection. Big mistake. The first time it dropped, it fell four feet and landed on its corner on a concrete floor. At least I had a screen protector to keep the tiny shards and glass dust from getting everywhere.

Mijn oplossing

Many of the repair guide steps for replacing an iPad screen do not apply when the glass is shattered. Attempting to insert a spacer between the glass and bezel tended to make the glass shatter even more, so I ended up just scraping the glass and glue from the edges until three sides of the screen (top, right, and bottom) were free. After heating the left side, I was able to gently flip the screen open from there, clean away residual glass and glue, then proceed with the repair from Step 26 (Front Panel Assembly). This process took about two hours with the iFixit heater bag and a hot blow dryer, and only resulted in two cuts to fingers. The good news is that there was little danger in damaging the wifi antenna. The rest of the repair was fine. The guide is very helpful that way.

Mijn advies

1. Buy the Front Panel Assembly! The extra $20 is worth having the home button and adhesive strips pre-installed.

2. Have the tools ready to bend any dented corners back in place, otherwise the new panel won't fit and you can break it trying to force it in place.

3. After installing the new panel, place it under heavy, oversized books for the night to ensure a good adhesive seal.

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