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Nerve racking, but definitely fixable by ALL!!

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Well the battery was shutting down at 7%, 20%, 35% and the latest was 67%. They phone would shut down and pressing the sleep button on the phone would display that the phone needed to be charged. I plugged in the phone and it would display 63% battery. My battery was definitely messed up. I been struggling with doing this my self or apple since its only 4 weeks off the 1 year warranty, I swear my iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G are still working far better then this phone! I searched all the forums, tried all the suggestions, re-calibrating, erasing all settings, reinstalling iOS 7.04 from scratch and setting to new. Even the one where you drain phone, charge for a few minutes, then drain reboot phone and rinse and repeat until it says 1% and that still didn't work. I had enough when phone dies with 67% battery left. So I took the plunge!

Mijn oplossing

It went better then expected after I finished dinner I decided lets do this now since the rest of the family was still eating! It took about 10 minutes, The screen was on there but came up nice with the suction cup. I left the screen attached because of all the horror stories of sleep button loosening, camera shifting place, screen display different colors, screen not responsive, delay in response of screen so I didn't even bother touching screen. This is maybe why the battery was so hard to get out, but it saved me less aggravation in the long run. (I believe) I had to pry the battery out with a flat head screwdriver as both sides of the plastic tool bar broke trying to pry out the battery. It was glued with super super glue. Successful!!! been running recharge and working Great for days!!! Like Brand new phone. Quality of battery seems great too, doesn't get hot when charging, no expanding of battery, the new phone battery matched up exactly like the old battery everything looked the same numbers names pictures! High Quality replacement! Exactly like Apples a fraction of the cost because labor is all DIY!!!!!!!!!!!

Mijn advies

Leave the screen on it will save you time and less things to potentially screw up!

The hardest part was that %#*@ battery! it was really glued on there. I wanted to use that clear tab to pry it up but that was impossible! Just used a flat head screwdriver on the side closest to the frame so I didn't risk dislodging or screwing up any other inner workings of the iPhone!

Reassembling the iPhone at first I put the face back on and it looked like it was all on. Then I started squeezing the bottom back in and it snapped in and I was like wow that's nice and flush. So I started squeezing the top of the phone it would push in but then return to its unflush shape. I started charging the phone and it was working great booted rightup and charged. It was bothering me that it wasn't flush so I figure lets open this again and I noticed the top of the display has three or four plastic tiny little clips that were all bent the wrong way, probably from me trying to force the face of the display to be flush like the bottom of the phone. So I bent them back (they looked like they were going to break off) and then I put the top of the phone in first pressing and squeezing that side in first, then I noticed how much more flush the top became!!!! After that side i pressed the sides and the bottom and display of the phone was flush like when I bought it.

SO BE CAREFUL when pushing display back on to frame of case. Do the top first with plastic clips and take your time!

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