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Completely shattered iPad, saved!

Jamie Piperberg -

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It fell off of a podium during a presentation, only 3 months old and no Apple Care, Apple was going to charge $50 more than the cost of a brand new iPad to mail it in!

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about 3 hours total. Since the display was so badly cracked (the top, left and bottom were completely shattered and barely holding together, didn't think to take pics) I ended up having to use a straight razor to scrape the tiny little pieces off, and repeatedly had to start the prying open process over again after each cracked section. I used a heat gun to supplement the iOpener, and my colleagues did not approve of the smell (I don't think I microwaved it too long but it smelled like burning popcorn)

Mijn advies

Apple really needs to learn that you can't push on a rope (or a cable) The home button cable was really fiddly to get reattached.

Highly recommend a "dry fit" (put the LCD in without screws and lay the digitizer on top without the adhesive tape removed) to verify functionality before seating the display permanently. It caught the fact that I hadn't gotten the LCD cable completely seated, resulting in the screen jittering, and I didn't have to pry the %#*@ thing open again.

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iPad 4 Screen


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