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Booya! New Life to old gear

rschneidau -

iPod Nano 1st Generation

iPod Nano 1st Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Nano 1st Generation Battery Replacement

Very difficult

Mijn probleem

My 1G iPod Nano wasn't holding a charge. It would only last about an hour before zeroing out :(

Mijn oplossing

The instructions were easy enough to understand. Some of the soldering was a little challenging, almost like I needed three or four hands at once....but voila! Done and Done! Looks exactly like it did when I started, everything works and the Nano lives again. Thanks!

Mijn advies

When you get to the part where you have to place a safety pin against the hole in the board...and hold the soldering iron against the other side to clear out the old solder to make room for the new wires (four handed job). I put my soldering iron in a table vise, and held the pin and the board in the two hands that I do have...did the trick. Also, once the safety pin clears the solder, the holes may still be a little tight for the new wires. A very gentle, circular, rocking motion with the safety pin cleared enough space to thread the new wires through.

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iPod nano (1st Gen) Replacement Battery Afbeelding
iPod nano (1st Gen) Replacement Battery


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