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Quick fix to make my phone work like new again

chris -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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I was having early shutdown problems with my ~14 month old iPhone 5 running iOS 7. When I first got the phone, I was impressed that it could get more than 1 day of regular usage without charging. Before my battery swap, I was getting 6-8 hours before needing to charge and it would sometimes randomly shutdown with a 20-30% reported battery level. Now it's back to 24 hours or more, and no more unexpected shutdowns. If you have degraded battery life, I would highly recommend doing this repair.

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Installed it myself, took all of about 30 minutes or less with the iFixit tools. Getting the screen open took some persistence. When you make a small gap with the suction cup, push in with the spudger to lever the screen up a bit more and it then you can pry around from there.

The screws are really tiny, so use magnetic screwdrivers and work in a clean environment so you can find a screw in case you drop it. I used the iFixit magnetic mat as well to hold the screws and keep them organized, which made it go more smoothly for me.

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It's actually not as difficult as you might think. Go for it!

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iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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