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iPhone 5 buttons back to life !

Basile -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Audio Control and Power Button Cable Replacement

iPhone 5 Audio Control and Power Button Cable Replacement

45 minuten - 3 uren


Mijn probleem

- Power button living dead and decaying.

A slide-push from the left kinda sorta still worked now and then. I had to rely on the physically disabled options to emulate it by software and lock my phone.

- Volume down button deceased.

Very convenient when you have to lower the volume quickly...

It was to much to bear anymore.

Mijn oplossing

- Some of the screws just won't come out easily.

Those at the far top of the casing were a pain to get out.

+ There are much more different screws that i would have thought. Not even sure i put back the right length in every hole...

+ The replacement cable seemed too long. I had to make it loop under the mainboard and back again (S-shape) to absorb that overlength.

Except that, everything went smoothly.

Mijn advies

+ Philips screws == Small flat screwdriver.

The Philips screwdriver form the "Pro Tech Toolkit" is strangely not quite fitting.

It screws the screw head and then you're screwed ;-)

+ Sort the screws as soon as you remove them and write down who's who. Always.

There are something like 5 different lengths and same diameter in there.

+ The battery is very well glued, so find the weak spot and lift by small touches from there on.

If needed use the mainboard as a pivot to have more lever as you lift the battery farther but keep being careful and gentle with your phone, no crushing!

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