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iFixit tools are the best!

brianthomas528 -

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I am a repair tech who works on phones, media players, tablets, laptops, and a plethora of other electronics. When I began my employment for the company I currently manage a location for, a good friend of mine, Dean, purchased an iFixit tool roll for me as a congratulations gift after a long hard job search. These tools have allowed me to quickly become one of the top techs in my company. I have been with this company since April of this year (2013), and I was recently promoted to store manager at a major location. I don't believe I would have been able to achieve such landmarks in such a short time without the quality tools I have in my arsenal from iFixit!

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The 1.0 blade bit is incredibly helpful. I use it on almost every repair I do. The aluminum pro shaft is very smooth and allows for speedy work. I use the opening tool every time i need to remove a screen. And the bits that come with the kit have enabled me to perform repairs and tasks that none of the other techs working with me are able to do. I would, and do, highly recommend iFixit tools to anyone who works on electronics, except the other guys at work.... I enjoy being the individual that my co-workers yield the more difficult repairs to!

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Electronic repairs are not very complex once you have done a few dozen. Although, there are some people who excel in this field. If you happen to be one of those more talented techs and want to rise above the rest, an investment in good tools is invaluable! iFixit tools are among my most preferred tools.

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