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Breathing new life into the A1237

decaderez -

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I picked up a used first-gen Macbook Air, spending $460 for a beautiful ultraportable with passable tech specs. I immediately noticed two issues: high heat and a slow hard drive. My MBA put out around 80° C when idling, 100° C under load, and the fan churned constantly at 6200 RPM. Boot times were around two and a half minutes, and even when the OS X desktop finally appeared, another 60 seconds elapsed before my login items were loaded. Something had to be done.

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The repair process was quick and easy, thanks to expert repair guides published by iFixIt. I found the video teardown especially helpful; MJ's glowing tresses provided me with the confidence I needed to take apart an Apple notebook.

Once everything was disassembled, I was shocked to find that someone on the Foxconn assembly line had applied a entire tube of cheap thermal paste to the exposed dies. The goop had run well off the edge, and all of it had physically deteriorated quite a bit under the high heat. I cleaned everything up, reapplied an appropriate amount of Arctic Silver, installed a 128 GB Sabertooth ZF SSD, and sealed her up. Presto!

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My system is lightning fast now and actually feels brand new; complete boot in under a minute and idles around 50° C @ 1800 RPM. Any owners of the A1237 should very seriously consider performing a similar repair; I am absolutely loving this laptop now that it's cool enough to put on my lap!

For me, the proper tools made all the difference. In particular, I highly recommend the pro magnetic pickup tool, the Petzl LED headlamp, and the plastic sorting tray. There's a ton of extremely small screws inside the Air, and dealing with them is far easier when you've made the appropriate prep steps.

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