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First time working on HARD WARE on my Macbook!

Chris -

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I wanted "Faster responses and better Performance" on my Macbook! My Macbook was over 5 years old and it seemed to be running a little slower than I would like it. ( My Macbook is the late 2008 version of the first Aluminum Body available) I had seen that prices had dropped dramatically on the Cost of SSD Hard Drives online. So I ventured into searching online at TOMSHARDWARE.com for the best SSD performance to install in my Macbook. I also spoke with my nephew who works for APPLE in Cupertino California about how hard it would be for me to install a Hard Drive in my Macbook. My nephew informed me to check out "IFIXIT.com" for information on doing it myself. When I came across "IFIXIT" I was amazed at how thorough you where in detail and pictures to install a new SSD Hard Drive on my Macbook! : ) So, I gathered up my confidence and I called "IFIXIT". I bought the "26 Bit Tool Kit" to complete the task. Since I live in San Luis Obispo, California. I knew I had hit the jackpot in knowing "IFIXIT" was right in my town and just around the corner from me! : ) As a Genius at the APPLE Store in town had told me that "IFIXIT" was a Local company! I WAS VERY EXCITED to Hear this good news! I was amazed how nicely put together the (26 "IFIXIT" Tool Kit) was! I was curious where it was made and I tried to find some writing where the KIT was made? But, I could not find anything written on the KIT? I was guessing probably CHINA? But, I'm still not sure. I was amazed how the engineer who designed the 26 Bit Tool Kit even made the Bit's pop up upon opening the kit! What a nice feature and design! This 26 Bit Tool Kit is AWESOME in design and quality in my eyes. Even the button clasp that locks the tool Kit closed was thoughtfully created in my eyes! GREAT JOB in your creation of this tool Kit, "IFIXIT"!!! : ) I rest assured now that all of your products you sell are excellent for any future need I might have for working on my computer! I'm 57 years old and I still took on this challenge! LOL

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The repair went smooth as silk! My eyes could barely see the size of the little Phillip's screw holding the Black Bar on my old hard drive down. LOL But, I pressed down firmly on the screw and it came right out! Those 4 little T-6 screws where easy to remove after I lifted the Hard Drive out of my computer; with the nice (26 Bit Tool Kit) I bought from "IFIXIT". I would say this JOB took me less than 8 minutes to remove and install the New Hard Drive.

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Yes, I very grateful your company is right in my beautiful city! Yes, we are truly blessed to live here on the Central Coast. I know you probably are having your share of growing pains. Though since we also have CAL POLY right here in town..... you really need to open a RETAIL STORE FRONT in the heart of San Luis Obispo to sell your products and services. You will certainly grow like you have never seen when you do so! These are just my thoughts. I'm very excited about your company. I loved the Video Clip about your company on your Web Site. I will tell everyone about your company whenever someone has a need to fix of repair not only computers, but many other items! I would encourage you to think about teaching people how to repair house hold items like, "Washing machines, Clothes Dryers, Ice Makers in a Refrigerator, Changing Automobile Oil, Fixing Lawn Mowers, repairing minor plumbing in a kitchen or bathroom sink, replacing an older toilet to a more efficient toilet, working on automobiles through pictures and video clips> as this is a huge area where books have been written and I believe you could make million's more dollars by breaking into this area of teaching people to do repairs on car's; such as brake repairs, tune up's, fixing many other things on cars too, replacing radiator's, alternator's, battery's, water pump's, etc..... you name it! I have repaired many things on my own automobiles over many years. Go buy a Chilton's Automobile repair manual at a local auto part's store in town and look at how you could offer and show people online how to do many of these repairs also. Many people and even women could learn to save thousands of dollars by fixing these things themselves as I have done myself! I would love to work for your company! You sound and look like a wonderful group of people to be around and work with! MY HAT'S OFF TO YOU ALL! : ) Many blessings to your companies future and growth! You represent AMERICA at it's finest!! FREE ENTERPRISE! Please feel free to correct my grammar or my spelling. LOL ....Not one of my greater assets. ;)

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