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Replacing MAC Book Pro Hard Drive

vladcuk -

Mijn probleem

I wanted to replace my old hard drive which was running at 5200 RPM with solid state drive I had sitting around the house. I wanted to speed up the computer dramatically.

Mijn oplossing

Repair went well. Having the right tools made all the difference. I used the iFixIt tool set I purchased from amazon which amazingly had all the right tools. Apple for some reason uses different screw heads for every level of repair - each task required me to look for another screw head.

Mijn advies

Repair was fun and easy because I had tools I purchased from you. If I did not have these tools, I would have not enjoyed this repair as I would be looking for tools around the house, waste time and get frustrated. I purchased this toolset for repair business for my property management company and I helped me there as well.

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